Sunday, March 4, 2012

Recent projects.....

Been trying to get all the fairy doors posted up over on my Fairy Door blog....but really haven't done anything with this one.  Thought I would post some pics of a few recent projects.

First up are a couple of pictures of the cabinet i built a couple of weeks ago for our bathroom.  We had an awkward sized space and couldn't find the right size cabinet to I design and built my own.

and the second project is one I worked on this weekend.  These are sample pieces of the wainscoting trim that we are going to put up at the cabin in Minnesota this summer.  The baseboard, shoe molding, and chair rail will be cut and routed from MDF.  We will buy the bead board paneling.  We are also planning a picture rail molding for near the top of the wall to hang artwork and such from.  The MDF will work nicely since all the trim on the inside is going to be painted.

and finally for tonight....a drawing showing the configuration of the wainscoting and door and window trim.  Not sure about the colors just yet, but something like this....

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